Why OTC & CashGold

CashGold.me is a project founded by Michael Leroy in June 2013.

Who is Mr. Leroy? Born and raised in Geneva, Mr. Micheal Leroy is an early bitcoin adopter who was very unsatisfied about the majority of bitcoin exchangers, back in the days.

What CashGold is trying to improve in the exchanging market and what we can offer: Deep liquidity, Very wide choice of crypto assets, International Bank Wire support, swift KYC and easiest account verification possible, no 2FA forced, a staff member fully dedicated to a single client, every transaction will be done manually so that impact in a positive way concerning the hacking risks, Bitcoin and crypto prices much lower than the retail (popular) markets.

Cashgold.me is owned by Geneva Holding (Belize). P. 93, Coconut Drive San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye Belize, Central America.

Why OTC?

Using an Over The Counter Exchanger can give you the opportunity to make money by using an arbitrage strategy, for example.

Or you can simply use an OTC exchanger because you will save a lot of money (at least using CashGold) compared to a retail exchanger.

For example, bitcoin price when using Cashgold is at least 5% lower than the retail price. The money saved is significant when dealing with large amounts.

Verification is usually easier with OTC exchangers and you usually get a dedicated staff member to follow your trade step by step.

Here you will find our ToS (Term of Services).

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